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Checklist & Guide

Data Evaluation Checklist and Guide

Within the public sector, there is an ever-increasing need for data to support decision making. We designed this checklist to help guide government officials through the data evaluation process effectively and with confidence.

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Richmond Cover Preview
Case Study

Reducing Traffic Volume Request Response Times With the City of Richmond, B.C.

Learn how the City of Richmond worked with Urbanlogiq to streamline their mobility data management, save staff time, and improve communication with internal and external data stakeholders.

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Bridging the Amenity Gap - ITE Journal Article Cover
ITE Journal Article

Bridging the Amenity Gap: How Emerging Data Can Help Detect Amenity Bypass 

Learn how the development of large-scale computing power and the increasing diversity of sensing technologies can help city leaders uncover gaps in urban service coverage.

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The Definitive Guide to Mobility Data Sources for Government

The comprehensive resource for information on emerging and traditional mobility data sources. The Definitive Guide to Mobility Data Sources for Government details what kind of data collection methods and sources exist, their characteristics, and how they can be applied to a wide variety of use cases.

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Product Brochure

Intersections and Road Segments Use Case Brochure

Gain fast access to your agency’s traffic count data. Learn how UrbanLogiq helps transportation professionals integrate consultant reports, tube counts, speed sensors, computer vision, loops and other data collection sources in one geospatial interface.

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Case Study

Performing Real-Time Corridor Traffic Management and Analytics During LRT Construction

Learn how the City of Ottawa used UrbanLogiq to leverage the power of live 24-hour travel time data to quantify the impacts of long-term light rail transit (LRT) construction on travel times and keep LRT construction on time and on budget.

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Downtown San Jose
Case Study

Turning Siloed Data Into Actionable Insights for the City of San José Department of Transportation

Learn how UrbanLogiq helped the City of San José DOT to centralize, visualize, and analyze their siloed traffic and incident data within the city to improve critical processes.

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Case Study

Achieving a Unified View of Mobility for the City of Surrey, B.C.

Learn how UrbanLogiq helped one of North America’s fastest-growing cities aggregate their traffic data into a centralized platform and achieve a unified view of mobility.

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Technical Case Study

Leveraging Data Science to Understand the Anatomy of Roadside Fatalities with the City of San José

Learn how the City of San José leveraged the power of data analytics and data science in their pursuit to eliminate traffic fatalities and achieve Vision Zero.

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White Paper

Peak Hour Measurements: How accurate do data sourcesneed to be?

Explore the impact of data accuracy on peak hour measurement and learn the probability of a peak hour measurement being correct based on different levels of data accuracy.

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Technical Case Study

Predicting Traffic Patterns for Operational and Planning Excellence for the Provincial Government of British Columbia

Learn how UrbanLogiq predicted traffic volumes and speeds through the application of neural networks, and helped the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure leverage data analytics and visualization to improve tactical decision making.

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