The Definitive Guide to Mobility Data Sources for Government

The comprehensive resource for information on emerging and traditional mobility data sources.

About This eBook

Accurate, reliable, and timely data has never been more important. Public officials are doubling their efforts on data-driven decision making, and we will see in the coming weeks, months, and years, the continued, emboldened investment in data collection technology. The Definitive Guide to Mobility Data Sources for Government is your guide as a transportation professional (or simply someone who is interested in leveraging transportation data) to both established and emerging mobility-specific data sources and data collection methods.

This guide is intended to provide clarity on what kind of data sets exist, their characteristics, and how they can be applied to a wide variety of use cases. Moreover, the goal of this guide is not to present any data source or method as being better than others. Rather, this guide intends to present readers with a full, definitive, clear, and concise evaluation of data sources they might already have access to, or are considering for the future.

The definitive guide to mobility data sources will cover:

  • Comprehensive data profiles for some of the most prominent data sources available to public officials in North America
  • The benefits and drawbacks of each data source, their applicable uses, and other notable attributes such as velocity and cost.
  • Privacy and security considerations and best practices when procuring emerging third party data

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“Through this guide, we hope to make data sources that span these professions more accessible and well understood. Through this, we hope to encourage more data use and data sharing across and within government.”

Mark Masongsong, CEO & Co-Founder, UrbanLogiq


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