Traffic and Transportation

Manage all of your transportation data in one integrated platform.

Get access to timely, accurate insights to support traffic operations and transportation planning.
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Transportation insights at your fingertips

Our flexible use cases help traffic and transportation professionals access the right data, analyze it effectively, and share valuable information with their peers and stakeholders.

Intersection and Road Segment Counts

Analyze all of your agency’s traffic counts in a unified platform through robust data visualizations, reports, and automated traffic metrics. Integrate consultant reports, tube counts, speed sensors, computer vision, loops and other data collection sources in one geospatial interface.

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Travel Time Analysis

Measure and manage changes in travel time as they result from traffic projects, construction, and more. Access pre-populated, real-time or historical travel time and speed data and easily interact with data through map-based visualizations and charts.

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Crash Analysis

Visualize crash data alongside relevant contextual information to uncover insights without time-consuming manual calculations, mapping, or data cleaning. Measure the performance of safety countermeasures and vision zero policies over time with dynamic reporting.

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UrbanLogiq Explore Mode

Maximize your investments in data

Explore Mode is a feature of the UrbanLogiq platform that maximizes data discoverability and enables users to analyze data in context. Explore Mode provides access to diverse datasets, with the ability to join them to better understand correlations and uncover new insights.

UrbanLogiq Explore Mode Economic Development
Fill in data gaps

Bolster your traffic program with unconventional or big data

UrbanLogiq makes it easy to integrate unconventional or big data sources for traffic and transportation planning and operations.  We store, aggregate, normalize, and deliver the data in our geospatial data platform alongside all of your other mobility data.

  • Fast, simple access to big data, pre-loaded in the UrbanLogiq platform.
  • Established data partnerships and access to multiple data sources ensuring the highest data quality, value, and privacy standards.
Smart City Streets
Our process

UrbanLogiq follows a three-step framework to turn siloed, fragmented, or big data into dynamic, timely insights

Diverse data

Integrate data from any source

UrbanLogiq normalizes and integrates data from any source or format in a centralized platform, saving users from any manual data wrangling.

Visualize data

Visualize data in a unified platform

Users can explore their data in the UrbanLogiq platform in both spatial and tabular formats, using simple filters to get to the information they need.

Automate workflows

Automate metrics and workflows

UrbanLogiq automates key metrics and workflows, reducing time to insight. We turn this data into visual pre-configured summary reports.

Serving transportation departments across North America

Turning Siloed Data Into Actionable Insights for the City of San José Department of Transportation

Case Study

Achieving a Unified View of Mobility for the City of Surrey, British Columbia

Case Study

Real-Time Traffic Management During LRT Construction for the City of Ottawa, Ontario

Case Study

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