Traffic and Transportation Solutions

Automated Traffic Metrics

On-demand metrics for traffic and transportation planning and operations, accessible with just an internet connection. Easily calculate AADT, PHF, VMT and more.

Travel Time Analysis

Track, measure & visualize trends and changes in travel time as they result from traffic projects or new developments.

Sensor Quality Assurance

Real-time reporting and updates on traffic sensor quality assurance and accuracy in your transportation network. UrbanLogiq’s GIS platform makes it easy to track sensor locations and access quality reports.

Vision Zero & Safety Analytics

Leverage the power of data analytics and AI to identify, predict, and prevent the causes of traffic-related fatalities. Quickly understand the contextual environment behind high risk areas, and measure the impacts of policy changes over time.

Customized With Your Workflows in Mind

Adaptive Signal Timing

Optimize timing of traffic lights to smooth the flow of traffic and maximize flow-through volume while minimizing stops and starts.

Transit Accessibility Analysis

Plan more accessible, inclusive transit infrastructure with UrbanLogiq's Transit Accessibility Analysis

Road Segment Analysis

Quantify travel behavior and gain a holistic understanding of road segments efficiency with analysis powered by analytics.

Origin/Destination Analysis

Analyze and optimize how your city moves with cloud-based origin-destination studies.

Traffic Impact Analysis

Project the effects of proposed land-use changes on traffic using machine learning and modelling.

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