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Government’s only true end-to-end Data Platform

From data capture to analysis, UrbanLogiq’s Data Platform facilitates an integrated approach to data management designed specifically for government.

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Delivering trust through transparency and governance

Serving the end-to-end data lifecycle, UrbanLogiq’s Data Platform streamlines data engineering, automates quality assurance and control, and supports data capture, workflows, and user-friendly analytics within a single application all secured with embedded cybersecurity and privacy compliance.

Access tightly wrangled, secure data for more trustworthy insights

UrbanLogiq audits, cleans, processes, geocodes, and ingests structured and unstructured data from different sources and streams across an organization. Clean and original files are accessible through our user-friendly platform.

  • Get secure access to raw data and extracted insights without manual processing
  • Integrate government data with unconventional Big Data
  • Receive recommendations on universal schemas and guiding principles for future data collection

Make data governance easy to adopt and maintain

UrbanLogiq’s built-in Drive feature helps agencies institute better data governance practices and break the cycle of data re-siloing by providing a single, secure location to upload, share, store, and access files.

  • Upload and store data assets in a quality-assured and version-controlled way
  • Minimize redundant or time-consuming data access and retrieval processes

Share, collaborate and access organizational knowledge at scale

Built for collaboration, the UrbanLogiq Data Platform facilitates and encourages secure data sharing and collaboration with unlimited seats for public agencies.

  • Securely share files with internal or external stakeholders with permissions-based access
  • Easily integrate across your ecosystem of mission-critical tools and software
  • Unlimited data uploads and exports anytime

Exceed world-leading privacy standards from Day-1

Privacy by design 

Designed to exceed the security standards of public sector agencies, our Data Platform supports role-based user permission controls and encrypted user authentication, single sign-on, secure cloud storage, encrypted backups, automatic free upgrades, and multi-failover protocols.

International security compliance

Maintaining strict cybersecurity and privacy standards, UrbanLogiq is ISO/IEC 27001, 27701, 27017, and 27018 certified. Our Data Platform has embedded compliance with leading privacy legislation including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Personally identifiable information (PII)

PII or sensitive data is not hosted on UrbanLogiq’s servers. All sensitive data received is de-identified and aggregated according to privacy thresholds at the source, and runs through further de-identification processes when it reaches UrbanLogiq.

Learn why public sector leaders trust UrbanLogiq as a strategic partner

Hear why Rob Lloyd, Chief Information Officer at the City of San José, California, trusts UrbanLogiq as a strategic partner in their vision of democratizing data access to support better services for residents. Our Data Platform future-proofs your agency by being:

  • Customizable and scalable
  • Data and systems agnostic 

Proudly serving agencies across North America

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