Book cover for "The Data Maturity Curve Model: A Practical Guide for Public Agencies"

The Data Maturity Curve Model: A Practical Guide for Public Agencies

A practical guide designed to help agencies master the data maturity curve model and improve their ability to collect, manage, and utilize data.

About “The Data Maturity Curve Model: A Practical Guide for Public Agencies”

In the evolving landscape of data utilization, there are various data maturity models out there that define the different stages that represent an organization’s data proficiency.

Getting your head around the idea of data proficiency can be quite challenging, with so many different models and frameworks available, especially when applied to the unique needs of government agencies.

Our guide aims to make this topic more approachable. We focus specifically on UrbanLogiq’s six distinct stages of Data Maturity. We explain the importance of each stage, offering a straightforward roadmap to improve your organization’s data management and data-driven decision-making.

This guide covers:

  • The progression of data maturity from basic to advanced stages
  • Benefits of data maturity frameworks for government agencies
  • Why understanding your agency’s current position on the data maturity curve is helpful to increase data proficiency
  • Strategic approaches and best practices for advancing your agency along the data maturity curve

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