Introducing Ethica

Government-Grade Generative AI from UrbanLogiq

Meet the leading privacy and IP-compliant LLM chatbot for government.  Schedule a demo today to learn:

  • How your organization can leverage AI for faster insights and informed decision-making.
  • How Ethica helps public officials access and interpret diverse data through natural language queries
  • Why Ethica improves efficiency and transparency in the public sector


Ethica is designed specifically for public sector use, catering to the needs of federal, regional, and local governments of all sizes.



Ethica is educated on highly curated training data specific to government expertise and domains.

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Ethica is built into the UrbanLogiq platform, enabling seamless adoption into existing government workflows.

Government-Grade Data Privacy & Security

Privacy by design 

UrbanLogiq complies with the most stringent international data privacy laws including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and ISO 27001, 27701, 27017, 27018.

IP and Copywrite Compliant

Ethica maintains a strong commitment to intellectual property rights, ensuring IP and copyright compliance. Our training process avoids copyright infringement risks, making Ethica a reliable AI solution for government use.

Explainable and Transparent

Ethica ensures transparency and explainability by clearly citing the original documents it was trained on, providing users with direct links to primary sources. It also evaluates and indicates the quality of the responses it provides.

Get to Know Ethica!

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how Ethica works.

1. What is Ethica?

Ethica is a cutting-edge Generative AI insights engine that harnesses large language model (LLM) technology specifically designed for the public sector, adhering to strict privacy, IP, and security standards. Integrated with the UrbanLogiq platform, it allows public officials to easily access and interpret government data through natural language queries. Ethica’s goal is to enhance public service efficiency and transparency by applying AI technology to support decision-making and service quality.

2. What is Government-Grade AI?

Government-grade AI refers to advanced artificial intelligence systems designed to meet the unique and stringent requirements of government operations. Recognizing the government’s elevated responsibility in handling data and making decisions for the public good, this level of AI adheres to the highest standards of security, privacy, and ethical use.

3. Who is Ethica for?

Ethica is designed for a broad spectrum of public service domains, catering to the needs of federal, regional, and local governments alike. It is an ideal solution for any department or agency looking to leverage data for enhanced decision-making in government operations. At the discretion of governments, the system can also be made available to members of the public, with configurable data access levels.

4. Why did we build Ethica?

We built Ethica to democratize data science for governments of all sizes, ensuring that smaller communities are not at a disadvantage due to resource limitations. It provides public servants, regardless of their department or agency size, with access to world-class expertise and data. By breaking down traditional data silos across government domains, Ethica offers comprehensive data access, enabling quick and informed decision-making for public officials.

5. What kind of questions can I ask Ethica?

Ethica is tailored for use within the government sector, focusing on delivering insights relevant to public officials across a variety of domains. Ethica excels at addressing queries about things like public policy and administration, such as identifying potential areas for affordable housing investments or analyzing strategies for reducing road fatalities. Leveraging the specialized data sets available on the UrbanLogiq platform, Ethica provides public servants with actionable intelligence to support informed decision-making in critical areas of governance.

6. How was Ethica trained? What data was used?

Ethica is guided by a rich collection of documents and data focusing specifically on materials relevant to government operations. This includes a variety of proprietary documents that aren’t accessible to broader generative AI systems such as ChatGPT or Anthropic, ensuring a unique and targeted knowledge base.

Our security architecture ensures that user data is not used as a training input for our models without user consent. In addition, users can specify that specific data sources or records be restricted from being cited in answers.

UrbanLogiq marries open data sources, such as laws, regulations, bylaws, and budgets with government-controlled and permitted third-party data directly pertinent to government needs.

7. Is Ethica transparent and explainable?

Ethica ensures transparency and explainability by clearly citing the original documents it was trained on, providing users with direct links to the primary sources for the information it offers.

Additionally, Ethica supports auditing of its model and document updates, providing insights into who made changes and when. This feature enables users to understand the evolution of answers. Ethica evaluates the quality of its responses based on the availability and relevance of sources, indicating the reliability of the information it provides.

8. Why is Ethica more suited for Government than other LLMs?

Ethica stands out for government use because it’s precisely tailored to meet the sector’s specific requirements, including domain-specific training, ethics, privacy, and security compliance. Unlike most large language models that provide generic responses regardless of the user, Ethica customizes its insights based on the unique characteristics of different communities, domains, and users. This customization, combined with a deep understanding of government data structures and operational needs, makes Ethica a powerful tool for enhancing government operations with data-driven innovation while ensuring adherence to governance standards.

9. When will Ethica be available?

Ethica is currently being made available to select government partners. We are working with these partners to improve and tailor Ethica to the unique circumstances of government.

UrbanLogiq will be rolling out Ethica in full production status later in 2024.