Intersection and Road Segment Counts

Manage your traffic data in one unified platform.

UrbanLogiq cleans, integrates, and visualizes traffic data inside our cloud-based Data Platform, enabling transportation professionals to understand their intersections and road segments at a glance.

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All of your data in one place

Analyze consultant reports, tube counts, speed sensors, computer vision, loops and other data collection sources in a secure, cloud-based platform.

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Automate metrics and reporting

Automate time-intensive metrics and analytics. Generate pre-configured visual reports that summarize data for ease of interpretation and insight sharing.

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No expertise required

Uncover timely insights without any need for GIS or data science expertise. Get the information you need fast with user-friendly filters and visualizations.

Save time and resources by modernizing your agency’s traffic data management

  • Increase the return on your historical data investments with better data management
  • Save costs on redundant data collection by visualizing the data you have at a glance
  • Automate time-intensive traffic engineering metrics such as Average Daily Traffic (ADT), Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), Peak Hour Factor (PHF), and Peak Hour Volume (PHV)

Collaborate and share insights with anyone, anywhere

  • Generate pre-configured reports to make grant applications and reports to council more efficient with higher quality materials
  • Respond to public inquiries faster with data and metrics at your fingertips
  • Export data out of the UrbanLogiq Platform at any time to share with anyone, anywhere, or integrate with other tools and software

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The application developed by UrbanLogiq has helped us immensely in our day to day work.
With this application, we will be able to look at real trends in our traffic growth and perform a new level of data-driven analysis using a very easy to use tool”

Taylor Spraggs, Traffic Engineer


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