Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

1. How does UrbanLogiq’s software as a service (SaaS) work?

UrbanLogiq is a software as a service application. Once fully deployed for your organization, the application is accessed through conventional Internet web browsers with no installation or maintenance required from the end user. We create custom implementation plans for each customer. Contact us to learn more about how our pricing and implementation would work for your organization.

2. How is the platform hosted?

The UrbanLogiq platform and its data is centrally hosted using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services which has global infrastructure to support cloud services in various geographic regions.

3. How many users at my organization can use the platform?

An annual software license supports an unlimited number of seats at the user organization. In other words, a subscription to our software covers everyone in your organization, regardless of their department, job title, or purview.

Permissions to access the platform are controlled by the named primary user group. We want to encourage data and knowledge sharing and help organizations rid themselves of operating in deep, divided siloes.

4. Who owns the data in the UrbanLogiq platform?

Our customers retain complete ownership of their data. Also, UrbanLogiq does not resell your data or use it for other commercial purposes.

5. Is data easy to export?

Data in UrbanLogiq’s platform can be exported by the user as frequently as desired by way of customizable reports or bulk downloads.

6. Does UrbanLogiq comply with regional data tenancy requirements?

Data housed in UrbanLogiq’s platform is securely stored and processed entirely within the data’s original geographic region (e.g., all data created and owned by an organization in the United States is stored and processed on servers physically located in the United States; all data created and owned by an organization in Canada is stored and processed on servers physically located in Canada).

7. What are UrbanLogiq’s security and privacy standards?

Privacy, transparency, and public ownership of data is of paramount importance to UrbanLogiq. To learn how UrbanLogiq works to keep your data and our platform private, safe, and secure, please visit our Data Privacy and Security page or contact us for more information.

8. Does UrbanLogiq work with private partners?

UrbanLogiq collaborates with a number of data partners, vendors, and consultants. Please contact us for more information on partnering with UrbanLogiq.

9. What is UrbanLogiq's pricing model?

UrbanLogiq operates on a subscription-based pricing model.

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