Case Study

Performing Real-Time Corridor Traffic Management and Analytics During Light Rail Transit Construction: City of Ottawa Case Study


The Stage 2 Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project in the City of Ottawa is the second phase of a citywide LRT construction project that has already brought more than 12 kilometres of light rail to the municipality.

The City of Ottawa’s Rail Construction Program Traffic & Transit Management department was looking for a way to actively measure and manage traffic congestion along the construction corridor in near-real time, but recognized the limitations of the traditional method of purchasing or leasing hardware sensors to collect the travel time data.

Use Cases

  • Real-time corridor traffic management and analytics for ongoing LRT construction


  • Geospatial data platform pre-populated with real-time travel time data
  • Improved project scheduling and optimization
  • Saved staff time
  • Improved communications with key stakeholders

“With the need for high-quality travel time data being continually more important, the UrbanLogiq platform has provided a method for the City of Ottawa to implement high-quality data collection with low upfront effort, lead time, and cost, and it has strong potential to be a valuable tool in managing traffic and transit travel times in future high impact construction projects.”

Campbell Inwood, LRT Construction Traffic Operations and Traffic Management, City of Ottawa


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