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Case Study

Achieving a Unified View of Mobility for the City of Surrey, B.C.


Learn how UrbanLogiq helped one of North America’s fastest-growing cities centralize their traffic data in a single platform and create a unified view of mobility.

With approximately 2,700 sensors spread out over 300 intersections producing real-time traffic count data, the Traffic & Transportation Department at the City of Surrey was looking for a way to leverage this valuable data source for strategic and operational traffic engineering and transportation planning purposes.

Learning Outcomes

Readers will learn how UrbanLogiq helped the City of Surrey:

  • Aggregate data from 2,700 induction loop sensors across 300 intersections and 10+ years of historical manual counts into a single GIS system
  • Reduce the need for manual count programs by leveraging their existing infrastructure – without any additional hardware
  • Automate Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), Peak Hour Factor (PHF), and sensor integrity reports with a few simple click
  • Access all their traffic data in one centralized place and share it across departments within the city

“Having the ability to analyze and consider multiple data sources, particularly those that are near real-time, in one application significantly improves our staff’s ability to make sound decisions that affect all aspects of our transportation network.”

Bill McKay, GIS Manager, City of Surrey

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