Data privacy is fundamental to everything we do

We take proactive steps to make sure the benefits of UrbanLogiq do not come at the expense of the privacy of individuals.

Data use

UrbanLogiq receives and processes data for client use only. We don’t resell data, or use it for any other commercial purposes. All data shared with UrbanLogiq remains the property of the client, and any processed or transformed data is available to export as frequently as desired.
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Privacy by design data architecture

Data privacy and security guide our software development at every stage. The UrbanLogiq platform utilizes a multi-tier architecture, protected by multiple security measures including password protection, IP limited access, role-based authentication and encryption. Our platform hosts de-identified and anonymized data sets only, aggregated to meet the world’s leading privacy standards.

UrbanLogiq takes proactive steps to keep your data safe

Responsible data collection and processing

UrbanLogiq complies to the most stringent international privacy and protection laws, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 (the CCPA).

Personally identifiable information (PII)

PII or
privacy sensitive data is not hosted on UrbanLogiq’s servers. All data received is de-identified and aggregated according to privacy thresholds at the source, and runs through further de-identification processes when it reaches UrbanLogiq.

Data sovereignty

UrbanLogiq is committed to compliance with data tenancy regulations and data sovereignty, which is why all data in the UrbanLogiq platform is securely stored and processed entirely within the client’s geographic region.

We strive to exceed the world’s leading privacy standards

Compliance certifications


ISO/IEC 27001


ISO/IEC 27701


ISO/IEC 27017


ISO/IEC 27018

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Privacy, transparency, and public ownership of data are of paramount importance to UrbanLogiq. UrbanLogiq’s Privacy and Information Management System (PIMS) committee works hard to manage information security and privacy-related policies and compliance-related issues.
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