Corridor Analysis

Stay ahead of congestion.

UrbanLogiq provides traffic management teams with actionable travel time data, trends, and insights to help keep projects on time and on budget with minimal disruptions.

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Leverage your existing data

UrbanLogiq cleans and visualizes historical travel time data from any source or format so that users can easily analyze and engage with their existing data geospatially.

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Discover new data sources

UrbanLogiq helps clients reduce the costs of leasing or purchasing hardware sensors by sourcing live and anonymous travel time data through our data supplier partnerships.

Data Context

Analyze data in context

Integrate additional datasets such as infrastructure, construction timetables, road closures, or traffic counts for deeper contextual analysis.

Access live travel time data only when you need it

  • Pick and choose custom road segments and intersections for which you’d like to collect data
  • Save time collecting data from the field and responding to data requests
  • Monitor congestion in real time and identify the most efficient times to close lanes

Improve traffic management during large projects or events

  • Compare current travel times against historical averages to flag where commute times are above normal
  • Compare date ranges, peak hours or seasonality to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts on commute time and infrastructure
  • Easily pull custom and regular reports with helpful analytics and trend analysis

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“With the need for high-quality travel time data being continually more important, the UrbanLogiq Platform has provided a method for the City of Ottawa to implement high-quality data collection with low upfront effort, lead time, and cost.”

Campbell Inwood, LRT Construction Traffic Operations and Traffic Management


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