Fire Safety

Prevent the next fire
before it starts.

Identify the leading causes of fires in your service area using AI. Understand vulnerable communities to cater and customize data-driven fire prevention strategies in your jurisdiction.

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Fire Analytics

Analyze past fire interventions in your service area with a few clicks. Compare local and state-wide fire characteristics and visualize fire trends in your community.

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Risk Assessment

Visualize high-risk areas on a map and understand the demographic profile of high and low-risk neighborhoods.

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Targeted Prevention

Understand the socio-economic factors contributing to fire vulnerability in your service area. Develop a prevention strategy to target high-risk populations more effectively.

Determine the underlying causes of fires with artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Visualize and analyze all of your previous fire events and related data in one unified platform
  • Understand the factors that contribute to fire risk using AI
  • Determine what type of risks to focus your prevention efforts on in order to make the biggest impact

Identify the most vulnerable communities

  • Rank neighborhoods by risk level and visualize the risk on a map for each locality
  • Understand local community profiles such as ethnical diversity, median income, smoking prevalence, or education
  • Design the right education and prevention strategies for each target audience

Anticipate interventions

  • Identify areas with a high risk of fire and determine whether the risk is increasing or decreasing
  • Visualize global and seasonal fire event trends
  • Measure the impact of your fire prevention efforts over time
  • Compare the fire activity in your region with the state or regional average

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