Case Study

Turning Siloed Data Into Actionable Insights for the City of San José Department of Transportation


The City of San José Department of Transportation (DOT) was facing roadblocks streamlining the flow of their incoming mobility data, archiving this data after use, and efficiently retrieving it in the future. Leadership within the City recognized that while they sat on a wealth of data from infrastructure, police reports, and traffic data collected by consultants, the data was siloed across multiple departments.

Use Cases

  • Data centralization and integration
  • Traffic management
  • Crash prediction and analysis


  • Unified cloud-based data platform
  • Saved staff time
  • Collaboration across departments
  • Improved data quality and accuracy

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“The City of San José was spending over $300,000 per year on traffic data collection from consultants, of which only 20% of the data was able to be archived and 80% was sitting idly on servers unable to be analyzed.”

Wilson Tam, Transportation Planning Manager, City of San José


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