Meet Our Team

Meet the team at UrbanLogiq

Mark Masongsong
CEO & Co-Founder

Mark has spent over a decade in government and politics and has been a featured speaker on the future of smart cities and analytics at the White House, World Bank, State Department, and Harvard Smart Cities Accelerator. Mark served as a director of international development, environmental and medical research charities and was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.

Herman Chandi
COO & Co-Founder

Herman is a former business development leader and early employee at a Silicon Valley financed cloud-based start-up when it went from zero in revenue to over $1 million recurring revenue. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant, seasoned tech executive, and has served on political campaigns and non-profit boards in the social enterprise space.

Arun Dawit

Arun is a co-founder of UrbanLogiq and holds an MBA from Deakin University. Arun previously served as a communications director for multiple political campaigns, later launching his own communications consulting firm. He has worked as a consultant to real estate developers, helping marshal proposals through city permitting, engineering, and zoning processes.

Max Burke

Max has spent over a decade building high-performance teams and advancing the state of technology behind the biggest video games and distribution platforms. Max has multiple patents that span the areas of machine learning application from software operations to the rendering and streaming of video games.

Luisa Alvarez
Head of Corporate Affairs

Luisa is a former TV news reporter and anchor. She graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and worked as a video journalist for CTV News Vancouver covering crime, politics and everything in between. Most recently she was the traffic anchor for CTV Morning Live. Her days as a broadcaster may be over, but at the core of it, she has always been and continues to be a storyteller.

Holly Watts
Sales Development Rep.

Holly recognized her ambition for sales shortly after graduating from Queen’s University. With over 8 years experience, she prides herself in addressing the needs of the customer with a product she truly believes in.

Dr. Ahmed Tageldin, PhD
Data Scientist

Ahmed is a Civil Engineer and has a PhD from the University of British Columbia in Transportation Engineering. He has worked in the Transportation sector at multiple local governments in Metro Vancouver before joining UrbanLogiq. Ahmed is a researcher and has a passion for using data science to solve intellectually challenging problems.

Irene Fabris
Data Scientist

Irene is a Quest University Canada graduate passionate about discrete mathematics. Most recently, she’s been designing automated school timetabling programs, web3 credit scoring algorithms, and developing smart contracts powering reFi dApps. At UrbanLogiq, she’s eager to leverage math optimization and computing to build efficient communities.

Morgan Cassels
Senior Software Engineer

Morgan is a University of Victoria graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and linguistics. With a passion for machine learning and sustainable urban planning, Morgan is excited to work on data-driven tools that increase quality of life for urban communities.

Brian Ho
Software Engineer

Brian is a software engineer with over half a dozen years of experience in writing and maintaining web-based analytics platforms. Passionate about urban development and big data, Brian looks to apply his experience to solve problems associated with urban living.

Vadym Ponomarov
Software Engineer

Vadym is a Software Engineer with years of experience in building rich web-based solutions for numerous projects, including a space satellite program and humanitarian applications. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering and is passionate about bringing value by means of technology serving sustainability, smart community development and scientifically driven decision-making.

Lauren Kerker
Software Engineer

Lauren has completed degrees in both Business and Computer Science at Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of British Columbia, respectively. She has specializations in entrepreneurship and data science, and is excited to use her skills at UrbanLogiq.

Aleah Grymaloski
Software Engineer

Aleah is a Software Engineer with over two years of experience specializing in software development. At UrbanLogiq, she feels privileged to contribute to impactful projects and work alongside a highly skilled team.

Ajit Chandi
Software Engineer

Ajit is an experienced Software Engineer with six years of experience in front-end development and is pursuing a Master’s in Information Technology. Born in Vancouver with experiences in Toronto and Medellin, Ajit blends his passion for politics and AI tools to enhance urban life through innovative technology.

Neville Dipale
Senior Data Engineer

Neville is an experienced Software Engineer from South Africa, with a decade of experience. He has been building performant data engineering infrastructure and software. At UrbanLogiq, he is contributing to improving the Data Engineering team’s velocity in project delivery. He is also a qualified accountant with financial services experience.

Jasmine Zou
Product Analyst

Jasmine is a civil engineering masters student with the Energy Systems and Sustainable Cities research group at the University of Victoria. She is passionate about sustainable urban development and bringing machine learning and data-driven analytics into engineering projects.

Anthony Remizov
Product Design Lead

Anthony has a multi-year track record of designing industry-leading enterprise software. He specializes in advanced analytics, data visualization, and environments that enable collaboration around the data. Anthony is passionate about fostering design culture at UrbanLogiq and in the community. He holds a BA in Cognitive Systems from the University of British Columbia.

Alex Fung
Product Designer

Alex is a Product Designer with a Bachelor of Arts in Interaction Design from Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology Program. He believes design is a tool of service and story telling, meant to enable people through all walks of life. At UrbanLogiq, Alex hopes to combine his interests in urban planning and design to better help cities, and the people they are ultimately responsible for.

Elena Hsu
Intermediate Product Designer

Specialized in unifying user experience and visual design, Elena creates intentional experiences that connect people together to influence change. What inspires her work are purposeful designs for people— for different perspectives, cultures, and communities. At UrbanLogiq, Elena is excited to help empower cities with the tools to build better communities.