Building Momentum At Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

From November 14 to 16, 2017, UrbanLogiq exhibited at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2017 with New York City as part of their Exhibition Pavilion. This congress was a critical moment for UrbanLogiq: the unveiling of our latest and most sophisticated platform yet, which showcases UrbanLogiq’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. We were also excited to announce a new strategic partnership with one of North America’s largest cities. UrbanLogiq’s momentum continues to build and elevates the company to the world stage of cutting edge smart city technologies.

Introducing: The UrbanLogiq Urban Intelligence Platform

UrbanLogiq’s Urban Intelligence Platform is the latest and most sophisticated product built by UrbanLogiq to date.

UrbanLogiq’s Urban Intelligence Platform features:

  • The platform layers multiple conventional and unconventional datasets over traffic patterns will give public officials a fresh, comprehensive understanding of the economic vitality of their city. Some of the datasets that have been integrated so far:
    • Traffic
    • Land zoning
    • Traffic collisions
    • Popular tourism destinations
    • Registered Businesses
    • Demographics
    • Home assessment values
  • The platform is also the first showcase of UrbanLogiq’s predictive analytics capabilities that comes after harnessing the powers of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This functionality will give public officials on-demand access to future traffic patterns.

Announcing: Strategic Partnership with the City of Toronto

In Barcelona, the City of Toronto, the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) and UrbanLogiq were pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the aim of giving greater insight into the economic health and wellbeing of the city’s main streets and Business Improvement Areas (BIAs). The story was later featured in TechVibes and Smart Cities World.

For Toronto, UrbanLogiq will bring its economic intelligence and data analytics expertise and platform to analyze business and economic activity and health in Toronto through a mutual research and development (R&D) pilot.

“We are very excited by this strategic public-private partnership,” says UrbanLogiq CEO Mark Masongsong. “More governments are opening up to the possibilities of leveraging unconventional partners to lower the cost of innovation to the benefit of their residents. As one of the largest cities in North America that continually demonstrates a leading-edge mindset to technology and innovation, UrbanLogiq is thrilled to be working with the City of Toronto and TABIA.”

This partnership comes within the context of Toronto’s Digital Main Street program – an online platform and service for main street businesses that assists them with the adoption of digital tools and technologies. With data collected from over 5,000 main street businesses in Toronto, the goal is to better understand the adoption of digital tools and how it impacts main street businesses and their neighbouring communities.

From left to right: Rob Meikle (CIO, City of Toronto), Herman Chandi (Co-Founder, UrbanLogiq), Mark Masongsong (CEO and Co-Founder, UrbanLogiq), Michelle Holland (Councillor, City of Toronto), Michael Thompson (Councillor, City of Toronto), Arun Dawit (Co-Founder, UrbanLogiq), Arvinder Kang (CTO and Co-Founder, UrbanLogiq).