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AI-powered data insights to empower decision-making across all government domains on one unified platform

Seamlessly integrate your data, including consultant reports, tube counts, speed sensors, computer vision, loops, and more, into one unified platform. Achieve powerful outcomes with predictive analytics, robust data visualizations, and AI-powered traffic metrics.

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Visualize crash data alongside relevant contextual information to reveal patterns and insights. Target and measure road safety initiatives, and understand equity considerations more effectively with advanced analytics.

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UrbanLogiq combines spatial data, economic indicators, and alternative data sources to provide local economic insights. This enables economic development professionals to tailor support to the unique needs of their business districts over time.

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Identify the leading causes of fires in your service area using data and Artificial Intelligence. Understand vulnerable communities to cater and customize data-driven fire prevention strategies in your jurisdiction.

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Harness third-party mobility data, origin-destination and transfer data, and demographic information to gain deep insights into travel demand patterns. Improve management of safe, equitable transit services with a robust toolset for analysis, including dashboards, maps, and charts with customizable filtering and queries.

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An Insights Engine for Your Community

With UrbanLogiq, your data becomes part of a dynamic, cross-domain network, increasing in value with each integration. This compounding value of data on one platform empowers public officials to holistically understand community behaviors, actions and reactions by generating powerful insights for data-driven decisions, while paving the way for responsible AI applications.

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Responsible and Ethical AI for Government

UrbanLogiq harnesses the transformative power of AI for governments with a focus on transparency, accountability, and security. Our AI outputs are designed to be explainable and understandable. With robust, built-in data governance, we commit to ethical data practices, exceeding world regulatory standards on privacy and security, enabling governments to leverage AI applications responsibly.

The UrbanLogiq Platform

An AI-driven, end-to-end data platform purpose-built for government.

UrbanLogiq centralizes diverse data from both government and private sources—regardless of type, source, or format—into one unified platform. We equip public officials with advanced tools for mapping, data visualization, spatial analysis and predictive analytics to generate fast, powerful insights for informed decision-making. Covering the entire data lifecycle from capture to streamlined reporting, our platform ensures everything is housed in a secure, AI-integrated application.

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Data privacy and security are fundamental to everything we do. 

Privacy by design

Designed to exceed the security standards of public sector agencies, our Data Platform supports role-based user permission controls and encrypted user authentication, single sign-on, secure cloud storage, encrypted backups, automatic free upgrades, and multi-failover protocols.

International security compliance

Maintaining strict cybersecurity and privacy standards, UrbanLogiq is ISO/IEC 27001, 27701, 27017, and 27018 certified. Our Data Platform has embedded compliance with leading privacy legislation including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Personally identifiable information

PII or sensitive data is not hosted on UrbanLogiq’s servers. All sensitive data received is de-identified and aggregated according to privacy thresholds at the source and runs through further de-identification processes when it reaches UrbanLogiq.

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