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UrbanLogiq helps governments worldwide make faster, cheaper,
more accurate decisions with their data.
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One Platform for All of Your Use Cases

UrbanLogiq is a cloud-based software solution that empowers government users
to access more actionable and accurate insights from data.
Centralize Diverse Datasets

The Data You Need, in One Place

UrbanLogiq centralizes diverse and traditionally siloed data from within government and the private sector to create one common operating picture of a community, enabling public officials to spend less time searching for the information they need, and more time on high value tasks.
Visualize Your Data in Space and Time

User-Friendly Visualization and Mapping

UrbanLogiq digitizes and geocodes data of any type, source, or format, turning complex data into beautiful visualizations and actionable insights.
Analyze With Confidence

Insights Powered by Analytics and AI

Once data is centralized, mapped and working together, UrbanLogiq runs analytics and machine learning (ML) algorithms to draw correlations between datasets, flag predictions, and derive deeper insights.

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Because the Best Tools Shouldn't be Complicated

No Installation

Entirely cloud-based, requiring only a computer and an internet connection.

Regular Updates

New releases made available at no additional cost.

Unlimited Users

One license covers everyone in your agency.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited customer support, available 7 days a week.

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