Five New York Tech Companies to Watch by Tech:NYC

Five New York Tech Companies to Watch | Tech:NYC

UrbanLogiq was named one of Five New York Tech Companies to Watch according to Tech:NYC.  Below is the interview from Tech:NYC and our Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Masongsong.

What does your company do?
UrbanLogiq Co-Founder and CEO Mark Masongsong: UrbanLogiq works to consolidate government data that is currently fragmented and helps governments make faster, cheaper, and more accurate decisions.

What brought you to New York?
MM: As we expanded from Canada into the United States, it was clear that New York City was building an ecosystem for urban tech that made it the ideal center for our future growth. The future of smart cities is being pioneered here so it’s where we need to be to remain at the forefront of urban intelligence.

How does New York’s built environment inspire your company’s work?
MM: Here in New York you have a blend of modern, historic, industrial, financial, tech, retail and commercial spaces throughout multiple boroughs that all have their own distinct identities. This creates a rich social and physical infrastructure that offers so much to learn from.

What are you most looking forward to about summer in New York?
MM: Getting a taste of all the different neighborhoods as people come out to parks for picnics and community events.

What’s your favorite bagel?
MM: Smith Street Bagels has become our go-to place.

How has New York served as an ideal test bed for city data collection?
MM: Every major company and emerging form of technology, from telematics to mobile analytics and more, exists here and in scale, allowing us to see the strengths and weaknesses.

What is New York’s greatest urban advantage?
MM: New York City is unmatched in the depth and diversity of its population, economy, and community networks. The future of the world is global, multicultural, knowledge driven, and connected, and New York City represents all of that.

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