UrbanLogiq and City of Henderson, NV Announce Contract Renewal, Building on Five Year Relationship

February 1st, 2024

Henderson, NV – UrbanLogiq, is pleased to announce the renewal of their contract with the City of Henderson, Nevada. 

This renewal signifies the ongoing collaboration that began in January 2019 when UrbanLogiq was selected from nearly 700 startups to collaborate with the City of Henderson as part of the 2019 Startup in Residence (STIR) program.

“We are proud to continue building on our partnership with the City of Henderson. The staff and leadership at the City of Henderson are world leaders in adopting responsible data science to improve the quality of life for their citizens. This renewal is a testament to the city’s commitment to ensuring that decisions are made using the necessary tools to serve its residents in the best possible way.” said Mark Masongsong, CEO of UrbanLogiq.

In 2019 UrbanLogiq began work with the City of Henderson to enhance the way the city performed Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA). By leveraging localized data sources, machine learning models and third-party datasets UrbanLogiq in collaboration with the city developed the Henderson Traffic Impact Model. The Henderson Traffic Impact model helps predict  the impact of new developments like restaurants or apartment buildings on Henderson’s road network and is calibrated to take into account local context. 

“When we have those localized data sources it gives us a better view of what the transportation impacts are going to be. It’s really neat to see trip estimation in particular that is very specific to the actual location of the development,” said Alyssa Rodriguez, Director of Information Technology at the City of Henderson. 

The extended contract with UrbanLogiq focuses on providing the City of Henderson with a Government Grade AI Enabled Data Platform that includes:

  • A regional refresh of the Henderson Traffic Impact Model 
  • Traffic impact analysis and reporting 
  • Intersection and road segment counts 
  • Data Governance & Security 
  • Potential for expansion into other departments and workspaces

This contract renewal between the City of Henderson and UrbanLogiq underscores the dedication of City leadership to break down data silos and harness advanced data analytics and AI. This continued collaboration paves the way for more informed decision-making, propelling the City of Henderson towards a future marked by insightful strategies, and cutting-edge solutions.

About UrbanLogiq:

Our story: https://youtu.be/hmp-eRd8OUg 

UrbanLogiq’s data analytics platform helps governments make the most out of their existing data by integrating diverse datasets across departments and domains, ensuring the integrity, safety, and compliance of data to harness its full potential. This approach set’s the standard around robust data management, enabling better decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency and transparency while balancing the responsible and ethical use of AI to ensure safe and equitable communities. 


Luisa Alvarez, Head of Corporate Affairs, UrbanLogiq

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