TxDOT Wins Best in Future of Intelligence North America Award

Tuesday, May 10th 2022

The Texas Department of Transportation’s pilot deployment of the UrbanLogiq platform has been selected as the winner for Best in Ability to Deliver Insights at Scale in IDC’s Future Enterprise Best in Future Intelligence North America Awards.


2021 was the second deadliest year for fatal crashes on Texas roads according to TxDOT. A total of 4,486 people died, which is more than ten people each day! A staggering number and one TxDOT is working to lower. But before you can get results, you need insights. Data-driven insights drive change by painting an accurate picture of what happens on the roads, which leads to better decisions and actions. That is where TxDOT’s partnership with UrbanLogiq comes in, which has won a North American award by the IDC.

“It’s been an honor to work with the Texas Department of Transportation. Their unwavering commitment to improving safety has allowed us to drive ground-breaking innovation that will save lives and build better, safer communities for Texans.” – Mark Masongsong, UrbanLogiq CEO and co-founder.

Governments have a lot of data; generally, it sits siloed, unable to be properly leveraged to answer important/pressing questions. UrbanLogiq’s platform is a great way for governments to interpret the data and derive insights to better serve the public. The partnership started at the very onset stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, and while the world has changed since, TxDOT’s and UrbanLogiq’s missions have remained the same: to save Texans’ lives on the road and to help make TxDOT a more data-driven agency.

“When we worked with UrbanLogiq, it inspired us in a very real way. We were finally able to see the direct impact of heavy truck traffic in Odessa as Texas responded to the energy needs of this country and the world. We were able to see the impacts on traffic patterns as a global pandemic ravaged this country.” – David Tidwell, Traffic Safety Division at The Texas Department of Transportation.

By integrating siloed data collected by TxDOT in UrbanLogiq’s analytics software, TxDOT staff uncovered actionable insights to make Texas roads safer and alleviate traffic congestion. Here are some specific examples enabled during this partnership.

  • Measuring changes in the number of crashes that occur in an area and seeing exactly where they’re happening during special functions i.e. sporting events or concerts.
  • Measuring how traffic volume changes before/after large events i.e., a lockdown or sporting event.
  • Measuring changes in commercial truck traffic before/after economic events like changes in resource and commodity prices.
  • Using artificial intelligence to predict changes in mobility during planned events i.e., conferences or sporting events and unexpected events i.e., natural disasters or a serious crash blocking the road.

“The innovation pioneered by TxDOT through this work has strengthened data usage at the agency overall which directly benefits Texans. We are very proud that TxDOT is leading by example. We hope that it sparks data innovation to build on these ideas in other agencies as well.”- David Tidwell, Traffic Safety Division at The Texas Department of Transportation.

TxDOT is one of the only public agencies to win an IDC Best in Future of Intelligence North America Award in any category. IDC recognizes organizations with forward-thinking initiatives. As one of the winners, TxDOT is considered best in class proving to be leaders in Enterprise Intelligence.

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UrbanLogiq helps governments build better communities with data. UrbanLogiq’s cloud-based platform consolidates data that is currently fragmented in silos to create a unified view of a community. UrbanLogiq then provides artificial intelligence to derive insights and streamline processes using this data, providing a revolutionary way to help governments make faster, cheaper, and more accurate decisions.


This award recognizes the organization that has and can rethink the way it synthesizes information from raw data into information and knowledge, reflects on and learns from these insights, and leverages them at scale across the entire enterprise. To be considered as best in class, your organization has deliberately implemented strategies that increase enterprise intelligence and as a result, have improved business outcomes.


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