Silicon Valley-Funded Vancouver Company Flown to Doha by Qatari Government to Pitch Smart City Tech

March 26, 2018

UrbanLogiq CEO in Qatar
DOHA, QATAR – Two of UrbanLogiq’s co-founders Mark Masongsong, CEO, and Arvinder Singh Kang, CTO, were in Doha, Qatar last week at the expense of the Qatari Government alongside world-leading universities and companies at the invitation of the Qatar Science & Technology Park and Singularity University (SU), a Silicon Valley-based think tank, to attend the ARC’18 Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference.

The spotlight on government technology startups like UrbanLogiq indicates the increasing urgency behind the development of smarter cities. While Canada is championing its Smart Cities Challenge this year, ARC’18 demonstrated that governments around the world are much faster in their rapid adoption of smart city tech.

While in Doha, the Silicon Valley-funded Vancouver company pitched its services, formed alliances and partnerships, and positioned themselves as a Canadian success story at ARC’18, to offer a Canadian perspective to the international congregation of some of the greatest minds in government technology in the world.

“Governments often have a lot of valuable data but it is contained in silos. UrbanLogiq unlocks this value by collecting it, and then building artificial intelligence systems to facilitate better city-planning around mobility and economic development,” Kang said. “ARC’18 was an incredible vehicle through which we were connected to likeminded thought leaders on the delivery of advanced government technology such as UrbanLogiq to cities around the world.”

“UrbanLogiq is committed to ensuring cities are prepared for emerging technologies that impact their citizens. Exchanging insights with researchers, decision-makers and industry leaders from countries around the world, especially emerging economies which will drive smart city growth, further drives our product innovation and long-term global plans. We’re excited to bring these ideas back to Canada,” said Masongsong.

Local media in the Middle East have featured the founders:

UrbanLogiq is a venture-backed AI startup with a focus in smart city govtech based in Vancouver, BC. UrbanLogiq creates urban intelligence platforms powered by artificial intelligence to make government functions faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

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