Redefining Road Safety: San Mateo County Taps into UrbanLogiq's Traffic Data Innovations

June 19, 2023

Vancouver, BC –  UrbanLogiq is thrilled to announce its partnership with San Mateo County, California. This collaboration integrates San Mateo County’s Department of Public Works into a network of 30+ agencies across North America, using UrbanLogiq as their provider for smart city data management solutions. 

 San Mateo County has recognized the need for innovative solutions to enhance traffic management, improve road safety through data-driven insights, and streamline data operations to unlock new efficiencies. By leveraging UrbanLogiq’s state-of-the-art technology, San Mateo County’s Department of Public Works will gain access to cutting-edge tools specifically designed to provide residents with a safer and more efficient transportation network. 

The main goal of the partnership between UrbanLogiq and San Mateo County is to implement a system that minimizes friction and administrative burden, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the county’s team. 

“It’s been great working with the UrbanLogiq Team. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and excellent in responding to our issues. The migration of our old data was nearly seamless and totally painless. We are looking forward to adding other data layers to the traffic counts map now,” – Diana Shu, Road Operations Manager for San Mateo County Department of Public Works.

The UrbanLogiq platform will offer San Mateo County Department of Public Works the following functionalities:

  • Informed Decision Making: By transitioning away from manual processes, staff members gain the ability to efficiently manage all traffic data gaining a comprehensive overview of intersections and road segments. This empowers them to make quick and informed data-driven decisions within a unified platform.
  • Improved Road Safety: By visualizing crash data alongside relevant contextual information using crash analysis, staff can identify patterns and insights to address preventable crashes cheaper and more effectively.
  • Quicker Response Times for Public Inquiries: With UrbanLogiq’s Issues Management staff can manage, track, and respond to public inquiries and complaints, ensuring faster response times and improved customer service.



UrbanLogiq’s mission is to break down data silos and help government agencies make the most out of their existing data. Our easy-to-use data platform creates one common operating picture of each community. This empowers public officials to make data-driven decisions faster and cheaper than traditional methods. UrbanLogiq brings together the best of data science, data engineering, and big data to help build safe and equitable communities.


Luisa Alvarez
Communications Manager, UrbanLogiq | +1 604 787 0207

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