Govtech Startup Helping to Advance Indigenous Reconciliation with Data Analytics

October 16, 2018

Herman Chandi at the BC Ministry of Citizens' Services Event
VANCOUVER, BC – UrbanLogiq, a govtech startup based in Vancouver, BC, begins development of a data analytics platform to modernize land negotiations between First Nations and the Government of British Columbia.

The development of this data analytics platform for Crown land negotiations is the first of its kind in North America. Before now, the only tools that government officials, First Nations, and other stakeholders had to conduct the complex process were email, phones, spreadsheets, and paper maps. The platform being developed by UrbanLogiq will support the more efficient and effective management and sharing of land information to better inform land negotiations, achieve improved outcomes for First Nations, and advance reconciliation in the province of British Columbia.

UrbanLogiq’s platform will provide a modernized user experience for all negotiating parties by:

  • Housing and visualizing all data pertaining to each land parcel to be negotiated
    Simplifying land parcel record keeping and tracking
  • Facilitating inter-agency collaboration by allowing all parties universal access through the cloud
  • Enabling all data to be visualized and applied in the negotiating process without fear of throttling or losing high-fidelity insights

“Very few companies are focused on building good tools for government because very few are willing to sit down and understand the challenges in government,” says Mark Masongsong, CEO and Co-Founder of UrbanLogiq. “Every day, government make decisions whose effects will last generations and Crown land negotiations is one of the most significant examples. As the government seeks to renew the relationship with First Nations based on recognition of rights, respect, co-operation and partnership, it is now more important than ever that the people facilitating this process are equipped with the best tools available. UrbanLogiq is humbled to be selected to build and provide negotiating parties a data analytics platform to make land negotiations more transparent, efficient, and therefore, help to advance meaningful reconciliation.”

The development of the platform has begun and will be revealed early 2019.

Based in Vancouver, BC, UrbanLogiq helps governments build better communities with data. UrbanLogiq’s cloud-based platform consolidates data that is currently fragmented in silos to create a unified view of a community. UrbanLogiq then provides artificial intelligence to derive insights and streamline processes using this data, providing a revolutionary way to help governments make faster, cheaper, and more accurate decisions.

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