From Toronto to New York: UrbanLogiq Paves the Way for Data-Driven Economic Development

October 5th, 2023

CHICAGO — At a time when businesses around the world face challenges, two of North America’s leading cities are leaning into technology.

Announced at the International Downtown Association annual conference in Chicago, business districts in the City of Toronto and New York City are starting to harness the power of public and private data to understand the unique needs of their communities and deliver smarter programming and services to small businesses. UrbanLogiq’s urban analytics platform makes it simple and easy to access this critical data to promote data-driven decisions on programs, initiatives, events, and advocacy, bolstering the success and vibrancy of business districts and main streets.

“At UrbanLogiq, our core mission is to democratize the power of data. In these challenging times, it’s crucial that we equip businesses with the tools they need to not only survive but to thrive. By providing transparent and accessible insights through our platform, we aim to fortify the backbone of urban main streets, and the small businesses that drive our communities forward,”  Mark Masongsong, CEO UrbanLogiq.

Toronto’s LocateHereTO, is a first of its kind multi-use data visualization and analytics tool, seamlessly merging various data sets to bolster decision-making within business districts. From event planning to securing sponsorships to optimizing operations, this tool provides a comprehensive understanding of retail and local commerce. With central, simplified access to this data, Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) in Toronto can make better decisions that foster healthier, sustainable, and more economically vibrant main street communities citywide. LocateHereTO was developed by Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) in close partnership with the City of Toronto.

“With UrbanLogiq, we can now vividly narrate the unique stories of our business improvement areas and spotlight them as thriving hubs for businesses,” John Kiru, Executive Director, Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas.

Similarly, the NYC Places Data Hub, developed in partnership with New York City Small Business Services, CIV:LAB, Ginkgo, and UrbanLogiq emerges as a game-changing online tool, painting a holistic picture of business districts. Stakeholders can gain valuable insights on business dynamics, foot traffic trends, and urban issues tracked by NYC 311. This integrated view helps users understand current landscapes within business districts and help shape and inform strategies for a thriving future. 

“I’ve seen firsthand how impactful these organizations can be for their communities when they are empowered by technology. The trouble is many of the technologies have remained out of reach to a majority of BIDs often due to high costs and complex onboarding requirements. I see the launch of the NYC Places Data Hub as an important step toward enabling all NYC BIDs to take a more measured and strategic approach to their place management work,” Starling Childs, CEO, Ginkgo. 

Empowering Unique Priorities and Perspectives: 

One of UrbanLogiq’s standout features is its adaptability. Beyond offering access to a rich trove of data previously inaccessible and burdensome to our users, the platform shines in its tailored approach. Business districts in both Toronto and New York, each with their distinct challenges and objectives, can harness the platform to run specialized queries that resonate with their specific needs. 

For example, users in New York can visualize reported issues and respond to them more quickly and users in Toronto can compare foot traffic levels around public events like concerts and parades. This helps both cities measure the impact of initiatives and strategies to make main streets more vibrant, welcoming, and prosperous.

“The NYC Places Data Hub has made data accessibility more seamless and easier to understand what is going on in the BID and how we can work with our unique partners to serve them better. Leading a smaller BID myself, this was previously a very manual task associated with spending a lot of time on lower value data tasks instead of implementing solutions, programs, and services for West Village businesses, visitors, residents, and partners,” Zach Owens, Executive Director of West Village BID, New York City.

By taking advantage of  UrbanLogiq’s data capabilities both Toronto and New York are poised to harness the power of data to inform decisions and enhance support for small businesses. 


Our story:

UrbanLogiq provides actionable insights derived from data. Our platform replaces manual, time-consuming tasks with centralized and automated processes, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making.


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