Eyes on Europe: Tech Startup UrbanLogiq Heads to Barcelona to Reach New Markets at Smart City Expo World Congress

Monday, November 14 2022


BARCELONA, SPAIN 𑁋 Vancouver tech startup UrbanLogiq is exhibiting as part of the Canadian delegation at the upcoming Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona, Spain. The Mission to Spain is spearheaded by World Trade Centre Toronto’s Market Activation Program (MAP), a comprehensive plan that activates companies in key international markets.

“We have a clear objective going into Barcelona and that is to introduce the rest of the world to the UrbanLogiq Smart City platform. Our mission is to democratize access to data for governments of all shapes and sizes, currently we are only doing that in North America and we are excited to bring that mission to the rest of the world starting with Europe.” – Herman Chandi, Co-Founder and COO, UrbanLogiq.

SCEWC is the international-leading event for cities bringing people together to share insights, learn best practices, and spark a worldwide dialogue that shapes the next steps for urban development. Thousands of leaders and smart city experts from around the globe gather in Barcelona to learn about the latest technologies, solutions, and innovations. The three-day event aims to identify collaboration opportunities and promote innovation to create a better future for cities and people.

“We have the technology and the experience to help governments around Europe and the rest of the world leverage their siloed data. UrbanLogiq empowers governments to make decisions that are faster, more accurate, and more equitable so communities become more sustainable, prosperous, fair, and safe.” – Mark Masongsong, Co-Founder and CEO, UrbanLogiq.


This year’s event will be the second time since 2017 that UrbanLogiq is attending SCEWC; building on the success of the last five years establishing a stable business in North America, UrbanLogiq is eager to be back in Barcelona. Now, perfectly positioned after scaling the product and team to pursue and fulfil international contracts with foreign governments in brand-new markets.

“Since our first mission to Barcelona in 2017, UrbanLogiq has become well established in Canada and the United States with over 30 public agencies and hundreds of public sector users who have come to rely on our platform. We’re here to capitalize on this momentum and become a truly global exporter of smart city solutions for agencies around the world.” – Leah Hanvey, Head of Business Development, UrbanLogiq.

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UrbanLogiq helps governments build better communities with data. Our cloud-based platform consolidates data fragmented in silos to create a unified view of a community. UrbanLogiq then uses artificial intelligence to derive insights and streamline processes, providing a revolutionary way to help government agencies make faster, cheaper, and more accurate decisions for the benefit of everyone. Watch our story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmp-eRd8OUg&t=1s


The World Trade Centre Toronto’s (WTC-T) Market Activation Program (MAP) is an experiential program offering outbound trade missions and trade education for Canadian businesses seeking commercial opportunities and unfettered access to international markets. The program prepares companies to understand markets, tackle trade challenges, and activate sales internationally.


Luisa Alvarez
Communications Manager, UrbanLogiq | www.urbanlogiq.com

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