Digital Innovation for NYC Small Business Districts: UrbanLogiq, CIV:LAB Among Partners in New Data Hub

May 7, 2024

The launch of a new digital data hub for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in New York will help BIDs better understand the needs of their communities. It will also help them provide smarter services and support to make New York neighborhoods cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable for everyone. 

The New York Places Data Hub applies cutting edge data innovation, and was the product of a Citywide Support Grant from New York City Small Business Services to build capacity and access to smaller BIDs.

“The New York Places Data Hub, a robust new tool, empowers Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) to keep our communities safer and make our commercial corridors more vibrant. We applaud the collaborative efforts of UrbanLogiq, CIV:LAB, and Ginkgo for working alongside SBS to equip BIDs with essential data driving us even closer to a City of Yes.” said NYC Department of Small Business Services Commissioner Kevin D. Kim. 

CIV:LAB builds and manages a broad range of programs in urban and climate innovation. In partnership with UrbanLogiq and Ginkgo CIV:LAB has spearheaded this initiative that has given rise to The Hub, a unified platform aggregating diverse data, from 311 incidents to storefront dynamics and consumer visitation patterns. Tailored for New York BIDs, The Hub is instrumental in supporting their roles in sanitation, beautification, security, and event management.

UrbanLogiq’s urban analytics platform makes it simple and easy to access this critical data to promote data-driven decisions on programs, initiatives, events, and advocacy, bolstering the success and vibrancy of business improvement districts. 

“Every business, regardless of size or resources, deserves access to data that can pave their way to success. UrbanLogiq was born out of a vision to level the playing field: turning data into actionable strategies that empower users to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. We’re not just offering technology; we’re bridging the gap between data insights and actionable outcomes,” Mark Masongsong, CEO of UrbanLogiq.

Through the New York Places Data Hub, Business Improvement Districts can now:

Drive Economic Growth: Tap into real-time insights on storefronts, vacancies and general occupants of BIDs to map key stakeholders and provide better, more tailored services based on the unique makeup of each neighborhood.

Improve Safety and Quality of Life: Monitor NYC 311 issues to manage issue reports and crime statistics to help craft and inform effective strategies that reinforce safety, a sense of belonging and security within communities.  

Job Resilience: With a better understanding of events and consumer visitation patterns, Business Improvement Districts can develop proactive strategies that directly support businesses, job growth and retention.

For CIV:LAB, this is a strong example of our work as an intermediary facilitator within cities to build, deploy and scale urban solutions.

“The Hub empowers BIDs by providing a deep understanding of their commercial districts. By delivering insights on economics, climate, and mobility, the platform facilitates data visualization that underscores local successes and challenges. This aids in identifying trends and propelling strategic changes to enhance services and adaptability,” Simon Sylvester-Chaudhuri, CIV:LAB Executive Director.

These data-driven insights derived from The Hub will drive quicker, more seamless decisions for even the smallest BIDs making neighborhoods more lively, prosperous, and welcoming for all. 

“The New York Places Hub has made data accessibility much more seamless and easier for me to understand what is going on in the BID and how we can work with our unique partners to serve them better. Leading a small BID myself, this was previously a very manual task associated with spending a lot of time on low value data tasks instead of implementing solutions, programs, and services for West Village businesses,” Zach Owens, Executive Director of West Village BID, New York City.

“Small businesses have always been the cornerstone of New York City’s vibrant economy. At Ginkgo, we recognize the importance of equipping these organizations with advanced tools and insights to thrive in a rapidly changing environment. This data hub is a commitment to enhancing the pulse of all New York’s neighborhoods. We’re proud to be part of this consortium that aims to elevate the way business districts access, manage and act upon data,” Starling Childs, CEO of Ginkgo.


Luisa Alvarez, Head of Corporate Affairs, UrbanLogiq
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Allison Lucas, Chief of Staff, CIV:LAB

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