City of Mesa, Arizona Amplifies Commitment to Traffic Safety with Expanded Five-Year UrbanLogiq Partnership

September 20, 2023

VANCOUVER, BC — UrbanLogiq, proudly announces a five-year contract renewal and expansion with the City of Mesa, Arizona. This evolved partnership underlines the city’s intensified focus on traffic safety and the success from our collaboration.

The partnership between the City of Mesa’s Transportation Department and UrbanLogiq began with a mission to break down data-silos and transform unmanageable traffic data into actionable insights. UrbanLogiq cleaned and ingested intersection and road segment counts from 2014 to 2020 to identify needs and implement strategies to improve traffic data analytics. UrbanLogiq has been the technical lead for filling data gaps, aggregating traffic data sources, and creating efficient and effective trend summaries and visualizations, saving staff valuable time.

Building upon the success of this collaboration the City of Mesa’s Transportation Department, is expanding its use of the UrbanLogiq platform, adding UrbanLogiq’s Crash Analysis Tool to their arsenal. The crash analysis tool encompasses dynamic features like map-based crash data visualization, before and after analysis, and distinct workflows—tailored for holistic safety evaluations.

Users will have the ability to meticulously compare crash incidents ensuring that traffic initiatives deliver tangible safety improvements. The focus can be narrowed down to specific zones, helping the city prioritize and address areas that demand immediate attention.

“This partnership has shown how vital data-driven strategies are to identifying traffic safety needs and that there is immense potential to continue the buildout of a traffic safety data platform that is catered to identify trends and needs that are specific to Mesa’s transportation network. This multi-year master contract will allow for continued progress in data analytics and traffic safety needs identification, supporting a goal to identify key, multi-year traffic safety trends through data aggregation, visualization, and analysis.” Ryan Hudson, City Traffic Engineer, City of Mesa Transportation Department.

Mesa’s collaboration with UrbanLogiq underscores the potential of harnessing and unlocking the power of data to enable quicker, data-driven decisions that drive community safety and innovation forward.



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