Advancing Transportation Through Collaboration: UrbanLogiq’s Look Back at the 2023 ITS America Conference & Expo

Our team had a fantastic time at the recent 2023 ITS America Conference & Expo in Grapevine Texas and we want to share our experience as exhibitors and speakers at this year’s conference. Our team joined engaging panels and connected with industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators across from across North America.

All in all, we left the annual ITS America Conference & Expo feeling energized and inspired about the future of transportation. We can’t wait to share our thoughts and takeaways with you in this blog post.

Conversations fuelling the future of transportation

This year’s ITS America Conference & Expo featured a wide range of panel discussions on the latest trends and emerging technologies in transportation. For example, the panel “From Aggregation to Integration: The Next Phase of Big Data” brought together a mix of industry and public sector leaders to candidly discuss how to move beyond collecting data towards combining it with other advanced technologies to improve decision-making, equity, mobility, safety, and environmental outcomes. 

“We had wonderful questions from the audience. My co-panelists presented insightful remarks about the future of big data. I can’t wait to continue the conversation,”  – Leah Hanvey, Head of Business Development, UrbanLogiq. 

Image source: ITS America Events

Another highlight was learning from the insights and experiences of fellow panellists. We left the discussion feeling inspired by the potential of data to transform transportation systems for the better. Ultimately we felt encouraged by the response and level of engagement from those in attendance.

Unlocking Innovation: The importance of making time

One of the key takeaways from the aforementioned panel was the importance of public and private sector collaboration to advance transportation solutions. Public officials are undoubtedly busy individuals who receive numerous pitches for products and services, however the panelists agreed that staying ahead of the curve is critical to providing the best transportation systems possible. 

Providing data-driven solutions is at the core of what we do at UrbanLogiq. We left the conference feeling inspired by the productive conversations that took place. Conversations that emphasized the importance of integrating data into a holistic framework and breaking down the silos to drive meaningful change in the transportation industry. 

Leveraging the power of collaboration 

Through the insightful panel discussions and conversations at our booth in the exhibit hall, the passion was evident about the future of transportation. Our team felt the ITS America conference as a whole highlighted the power of collaboration in driving innovation and advancing the future of transportation. 

Image source: UrbanLogiq

UrbanLogiq is proud to participate in this collaborative effort, offering our insights and solutions to public officials and industry leaders. 

We wholeheartedly believe that the most effective transportation solutions come from close collaboration between the public and private sectors. The ITS America conference showcased the many ways in which we can work together to achieve common goals. Leveraging strengths and resources can create a safer, efficient, and equitable transportation system for everyone.

We are grateful for the many enthusiastic and informative conversations we had throughout the week! 

In conclusion, the conference emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making, the power of collaboration between the public-private sectors, and the potential for new technologies to revolutionize the transportation industry. We left the conference feeling energized and inspired, knowing that our contributions to this field can help shape the future of transportation for the better.

Image source: UrbanLogiq

We look forward to continuing our work towards effective and innovative transportation solutions.

About UrbanLogiq 

UrbanLogiq’s mission is to break down data silos and help government agencies make the most out of their existing data. Our easy-to-use data platform creates one common operating picture of each community by layering different datasets. As a result public officials are empowered to make data-driven decisions faster and cheaper than traditional methods. UrbanLogiq combines data science, data engineering, and big data to help governments build safe and equitable communities.