Community Planning Solutions

Origin-Destination Analysis

Analyze and optimize how your city moves with cloud-based origin-destination studies. UrbanLogiq equips users to efficiently identify and understand travel patterns to inform infrastructure and transit planning.

Transit Planning Analysis

Optimize transit planning to account for the changing needs of communities and confidently leverage disruptive technologies to fill service gaps.

Walkability Analysis

With a centralized data repository of mobility patterns, UrbanLogiq supports the ability to map pedestrian flow and walking patterns. This provides the user the ability to generate walking scores and identify different walking catchments by subject and by conditions.

Affordable Housing Analysis

Better understand housing needs in your communitity, and what transportation supports must be provided to encourage employment gains and economic development.

Customized With Your Workflows in Mind

EV Charging Location Analysis

A unified view of the requirements for EV charging stations. Locate new site locations or optimize existing EV charging station networks.

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Centralizing fiscal data in one place, UrbanLogiq supports precision policymaking by helping public officials understand the impacts of fiscal and budgetary commitments.

Gentrification Analysis

Map and analyze the triggers and effects of gentrification in your community, including displacement, transit equity, development, business and service mix, and affordability.

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